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About Our Conference


Welcome to the 2018 Investment Conference hosted by the Investment Club at Harvard Business School. This year’s speakers will discuss stock pitches, compelling investment themes, lessons learned, along with topics brought up by the audience during Q&A.

About the HBS Investment Club


The Investment Club at the Harvard Business School is a ~400-member student organization focused on the investment management industry. Apart from organizing the annual HBS Investment Conference in the spring, one of the largest student-run investment conferences in the world, we host a range of distinguished speakers throughout the year. Speakers in past years have included Steve Mandel, Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman and Julian Robertson. The club also organizes student-coordinated treks to visit investment managers in New York, San Francisco, London and Hong Kong. For over a decade, we have arranged an annual trek to see Warren Buffett in Omaha. The Investment Club also invests and manages the Alpha Fund, a fund of the Harvard endowment that is invested in both long and short equity opportunities recommended by our membership.